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Dec 30, 2010

Hot Steel

Last picture seems to have a lot of sucess in USA Est Coast :) So, Yay for USA!

Today I was in the mood for another quick skech of Logan and Colossus, so I made another pic of them. It is less refined than the last one but come on, the idea is there. The setting is loosely ispired by a pic from Ultimate X-Men where the two of them are in the shower together, but the characters came out more like their mainstream versions, mainly because I gave Colossus's metal stirpes and Logan is short and stocky (seriously, I laugh my ass off every time I draw him that way).

Well, enjoy it people.

Dec 29, 2010

Pumping Iron

RAWR! THANKS FOR THE 240.000 PW, PEOPLE:) (60.000 since I uploaded the world map)
It is great, really, great to see how many people come to see this blog. It amuses me watching the map and seeing that there are visitors from all part of the world, from California to the UK to Australia. Wow... just Wow :)
Well, to say thanks, here is a quick and dirty one (Colossus's anatomy is kind of a mess, I know, but I am working on other commission and stuff, so that means no time for other things).
There are 2 similar pic.
This is the one I prefer

While this is the one I posted on Y!Gallery

Sep 14, 2010

Thor and Wolverine

I have seen some pics of the Thor movie, so I decided to make another pic of the Thunder God.
I have not drawn Wolverine for some time also, so I put them together and I drew him with the orange-brown costume.
It looks like Logan is enjoing the conversation.

Since Logan is known to be a shorty while Thor is close to be a giant, to be precise with the sizes, I checked the stats given by Marvel.
Thor is said to be 6'6" (1.98 m) tall for 640 lb (290 kg), while Wolverine is tall 5´3´´ (1. 60 m) and without adamantium weights 195 lbs (88 kg).

Going on.
I am also working on a commission, that is whay I am slow :)

First pass of flat colours


Sep 4, 2010

Power of the Barbarians

Oss people! Long time no see :)
I am not dead, I just wanted to spend some time doing mainstream stuff.
I hope to be forgiven for the long absence with this pic I drew yesterdey night...
Slaine and Conan fucking rock. We need more pic of them people.
They are for sure my favourited barbarian characters.
This is also a way to celebrate the 40.000 pw in the world map below. Thanks people!

I always wanted to draw at least one of them, but I never had the occasion.
Now I had one night of time and I thought, why don't I draw them together? Nobody did it before
I also added He Man, because I thought it fitted well the group.
I am ok with the result (I tried to get close to the Conan of the old comics, the one I like most).

I hope you like this pic people.

Loincloth version.

May 17, 2010

Dimata and Smilo

A Commission I drew for Dinosaur Prince long ago and finally I had the time to paint also in a proper way. Dimata (the mammoth-man) and Smilo (the Sabertooth-man) as pirates, ready for an adventure on the sea. He asked me to draw Dimata standing with one foot on a open treasure chest, with a sword in one hand. He would wear pants (or not,) and have on a Pirates hat with an elephant skull and cross tusks. Smilo should hang on the mast either looking out, or looking down at Dimata. He would be wearing a white shirt with his chest exposed and have a belt with a huge buckle above his waist. He should not have any pants on, maybe some boots, or bare foot."
I don't use this style very often. I prefer less shading (like in the Hulk pic), but I felt I really had to draw a good pic to Dinosaur Prince as he was the first one to commission me and he had so much patience.
I Hope you like the pic people!

Jan 31, 2010

Commission for Iceman: James vs Dragonlord (preview)

Another commission is done :), 3rd of 4.
It was great to work for Icemanblue.
I couldn´t believe my eyes when I received his mail with the request for a commission.
He asked me to draw 2 of his amazing original characters, James, the Lost Hero, and Dragon Lord, from his web comic "Lost Fantasy Hero".
I tried to give my best to find a good pose for them and to be as faithful as possible to his awesome character design.
Now, the pic itself is bigger and in colours, but the whole uncensored image is available only on his site:
Iceman kindly allowed me to upload a preview of my work :happy2:, so that I can share it with you all.

Jan 30, 2010

Commission for Panos: SOLID SNAKE SHOWS HIS BUTTS (in colours)

For all the Metral Gear Solid fans out there, and for Panos who ordered the pic... Solid Snake squashes his infamous butts on a glass just for ya... now in colours!

Another commission is done and over people :)

Is the 3rd of four.
The 1st was the G.I Joe pic, while the second one was finished and sent yesterday (with a bit of luck I should be able to post it too, even if in a censored version).

Jan 19, 2010

Commission for Havoc86: YO JOE!

It... is... OVEEER!
So, here they are, Duke and Snake Eyes as in the two official movie posters (1 an 2), firing their guns together with an explosive BG, as requested!

I tried to give my best, but now for a little I'll avoid using this style.
As I said previously when I´ve uploaded the sketch, I post this pic only here in my blog for now, and not in my Y!Gallery page, like I usually do, because of the rules in the term of service of Y!Gallery about photo references.
I'd really like to post it there too though.

EDIT: The administrators let me upload the pic. Cool, now it is up even on Y!

Jan 13, 2010

WIP: Yo Joe! (lineart)

This is the inked lineart for the G.I. Joe commission I´m working at. The commissioner specifically asked me to draw a slightly different version of two official posters of Duke and Snake Eyes and put them together in a single pic.
As I said in the previously when I´ve uploaded the sketch
I post this pic only in my blog for now, and not in my Y!Gallery page, like I usually do, because of rule 6f in the term of service of Y!Gallery about photo references.