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Feb 21, 2011

Thunders and Claws (coloured)

I went on with the pic!
I think I'll let it like this
I decided to continue it today and bring it as far as I could in two or three hours. It was time to do it. BG is, as always, horrible, but, hey, I spend 20 minutes on it, so I guess it is ok. Hopefully people's gaze should not focus on the rocks behind :smug:
The picture is left without words on purpose.
I'll let you imagine what they are saying to each other. Write it in the comments if you like. It is fun. And if somebody finds out a really great line, I might inesrt it in the pic :XD:
As a last thing, I dedicate this pic to the great Jockman87. Man, your pics are a blast, so, draw more Thor and X-Men.