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Aug 13, 2009


Son Goku's Power Pole
The colored version of one of the pic of Son Goku in the previous post. No BG... yeah, I'm lazy. Done in one hour of pause. If you like it could be Goku's answer to the pic called "You won't defeat me this time Kakarot!" (also in the previous post).

Aug 12, 2009


I've got some pics of Vegeta, and only a few aketch of Goku. But that should work for a post :)

The saiyan prince wants to FUCK!
Come on, I'm sure he did things like this to his guards when he was still the sayan prince, all proud and arrogant. :XD:You won't defeat me this time Kakarot! (LINEART)

Even if I don't like DB so much, I think that Vegeta is a badass character. He is one of those eternally frustrated guys that will never win the protagonist in a fight (let's see, there are also Renji and Grimmjow from Bleach and many others).
This time he is sure he can win Songoku in one specific kind of contest :XD:...
Well, Vegeta, you can never be really sure...

There is also another slightly different version of this image. I didn't post it on Y!Gallery because I'm not sure if it is possible to post 2 pics that are nearly identical, and I already had problems. So here it is:



"Let see what I can do with this bub!..."
Logan and Cable during a ... let say, private conversation :smug:.

Everybody knows that Wolverine is the best there is at whatever he does and surely in this situation Cable is enjoying a lot what he is doing to him.
Sometimes I liek to use this more realistic style :wink: I hope you like the pic people.
And I'm still looking for a title for this pic...

Aug 11, 2009


RE5 Chris reminds me a little of those guys that spend hours in the gym, always looking at themselves in the mirror during and AFTER the exercise :D, or those series actors that in the 1st season are thin, than they become famous and at the beginning of the second season they have magically doubled their body mass...

Aug 9, 2009


I don't know if I will be ever able to thanks Patrick Fillion's enough for featurnig my dumbass art in his blog: here is the link .
It is one of those things that you can't believe at, until the day they happens. I mean... just whoa! WOAH!
For now the only things I can do is:
- Posting here the2 fan arts pic of his characters that I drew.
- Strongly advising whoever still hasn't visited his site to do it NOW (the link is in the right panel)

Time ago I asked to the greath Patrick the permission to make a pic of one of his great characters and he said oh yeah :)
I like Zahn a lot so I decided to draw him. Then I waited a llllot to color the pic, like always.
The ispiration and the willpower finally came, so here it is. I'm kinda ok with the result this time and I'm so happy that he liked the pic.
This is another of Patrick's characters, but I think he needs no presentations at all :)
Sadly it totally lack all the feline elegance of the real Cam, but it was great to draw him. I would colour it, but I should think of a proper BG first...


Guts needs a blacksmith
No comment... :XD:
I'm a jerk, I know :sweatdrop:
No, wait, just one: try to think of him walking for the village streets in this conditions...
AThis pic
follows the oekaki called "Guts needs a new armour" (they were created together, but this is more refined).

Aug 5, 2009


Wanna a ride, Jin?

On Hwoarang's moto, obviously. :XD:
Done in PS, without pencil sketch.

Staring at my piercing, Hwoarang?
Someone asked for Devil Jin? :lol::lol::lol:
I never played Tekken, but this character looks really badass.
So, when I've been asked onY!Gallery to make a pic of him I thought, why not? :D
Done with PS, with no pencil sketch.


They call him the black swordsman
and they say he carries with him a cannon
and a huge two-handed sword.

Piece of nonsense? Lies?

I say it is all true!
I drew this to thanks the Y!Gallery people for the 100k pw. I give you good old Guts to play with. But bewere, after he will be finished with ya, I guess you'll really be grinded meat :smug:. I wanted to draw something special for the big thing, so I thought of Guts, one of my favourite character. Berserker is a hell great manga, and the art is OMFG so good. I hope I got close to the style of the manga and to the personality of the good old Guts. Also, I was wondering why he has no nipples. Maybe his pecs are so big they are always in shadow... :lol: My friend Cruzis colored this pic for a collab. :D I saw it and it is OMFG well done! Here is the link: go and see it because he did an amazing job people!!!

Guts needs a new armor

After the last night battle with the spirits of the dead Guts' armor broke...
You know those fighting games like SC4 where the armor suits take damage and brakes? Would be cool to have Guts as a character there :XD: Also, have you noticed how kinky is that kind of leather thong-belt that he usually wears on his pants? I did this pic of Guts in his old armor (the one I like most) fornew Oekaki page.····pageno=0 I'm not very good with oekaki programs, but I hope you'll like it people.

Doing it for pay

I post it even if it is only a stupid sketch (let's face it, it really is). Let say that Guts started to do it for pay, because he needed money to buy food and weaponry. The life of the black warrior is fucking hard. But he discovered he loves this kind of jobs and now he found he can't stop...


Sexta Espada

Grimmjow is a badass. Is one of my favouite character of Bleach (Yoruichi and Renji are cool too). Kinda the aggressive guy, isn't he? Anyway, this is the lineart of my drawing for the great Cruzis. We are doing a trade. He drew Renji. Here is the link: So all my thanks to [icon=cruzis] for the idea. I missed a Bleach art in my gallery :D Also, my friend [icon=Gninrom] just did a great Ichigo pic····576611/. Now the group of three is complete :D .