site analysis

Aug 5, 2009


They call him the black swordsman
and they say he carries with him a cannon
and a huge two-handed sword.

Piece of nonsense? Lies?

I say it is all true!
I drew this to thanks the Y!Gallery people for the 100k pw. I give you good old Guts to play with. But bewere, after he will be finished with ya, I guess you'll really be grinded meat :smug:. I wanted to draw something special for the big thing, so I thought of Guts, one of my favourite character. Berserker is a hell great manga, and the art is OMFG so good. I hope I got close to the style of the manga and to the personality of the good old Guts. Also, I was wondering why he has no nipples. Maybe his pecs are so big they are always in shadow... :lol: My friend Cruzis colored this pic for a collab. :D I saw it and it is OMFG well done! Here is the link: go and see it because he did an amazing job people!!!

Guts needs a new armor

After the last night battle with the spirits of the dead Guts' armor broke...
You know those fighting games like SC4 where the armor suits take damage and brakes? Would be cool to have Guts as a character there :XD: Also, have you noticed how kinky is that kind of leather thong-belt that he usually wears on his pants? I did this pic of Guts in his old armor (the one I like most) fornew Oekaki page.····pageno=0 I'm not very good with oekaki programs, but I hope you'll like it people.

Doing it for pay

I post it even if it is only a stupid sketch (let's face it, it really is). Let say that Guts started to do it for pay, because he needed money to buy food and weaponry. The life of the black warrior is fucking hard. But he discovered he loves this kind of jobs and now he found he can't stop...