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Aug 5, 2009


Sexta Espada

Grimmjow is a badass. Is one of my favouite character of Bleach (Yoruichi and Renji are cool too). Kinda the aggressive guy, isn't he? Anyway, this is the lineart of my drawing for the great Cruzis. We are doing a trade. He drew Renji. Here is the link: So all my thanks to [icon=cruzis] for the idea. I missed a Bleach art in my gallery :D Also, my friend [icon=Gninrom] just did a great Ichigo pic····576611/. Now the group of three is complete :D .


  1. Bleach has some of the most sexy guys in an anime series I do hope that you draw more sexy guys from this series.

  2. please make more of grimmjows

  3. Yeah, that pic is HOT!!! Grimmjow has a really BIG cock. Make more please. And some of Renji and Ichigo. =D