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Aug 9, 2009


I don't know if I will be ever able to thanks Patrick Fillion's enough for featurnig my dumbass art in his blog: here is the link .
It is one of those things that you can't believe at, until the day they happens. I mean... just whoa! WOAH!
For now the only things I can do is:
- Posting here the2 fan arts pic of his characters that I drew.
- Strongly advising whoever still hasn't visited his site to do it NOW (the link is in the right panel)

Time ago I asked to the greath Patrick the permission to make a pic of one of his great characters and he said oh yeah :)
I like Zahn a lot so I decided to draw him. Then I waited a llllot to color the pic, like always.
The ispiration and the willpower finally came, so here it is. I'm kinda ok with the result this time and I'm so happy that he liked the pic.
This is another of Patrick's characters, but I think he needs no presentations at all :)
Sadly it totally lack all the feline elegance of the real Cam, but it was great to draw him. I would colour it, but I should think of a proper BG first...

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