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Sep 18, 2009

Commission: Dimata and Smilo

Dimata and Smilo as pirates
A lineart I did for Dinosaure Prince for his blog , and also the first commission I drew on Y!Gallery:)
The picture is tecnically a WIP, because it will be coloured.
He asked a very precise setting and I tried to be faithful to the design of his two original characters he showed me: Dimata (the mammoth-man) and Smilo (the Sabertooth-man) . I´m so glad he liked it :)

Sep 9, 2009


Today I decided to upload all my Ryu and Kend pic I made so far :)
They are one of my favourite pair to draw (as you may see from the many pics)
I hope you'll like them.

Ryu and Ken's hard training II

Full view is so much better.
Poor Ryu, even when he is on top Ken keeps being tha Man! :XD:
And BTW, Ken loves dirt talking :D :XD::XD::XD: (and Ryu secretly is aroused by Ken's aggressiveness :smug:).

Busted (again)!!!
After a tough training session (a real one :lol:) Ken and Ryu take a little nap on the floor.
It seems that Ryu just can't resist when he is near to his friend.
And... yes, Ken is going to wait till midcum to shout "BUSTED!". Heee heee :XD::XD::XD:
I saw that there are two pics on this site of Ryu jerking off under a tree.
One is of sakuseii and the other of bdanime (2 of my favourite arstists here I have to say).
It have to be a sort of recurrent thing :XD: So I tried to do my own version, a sort of omage to them, if they want to accept it :sweatdrop:.
I thought this... did anybody tell Ryu that if he jerks off in an open place he might be seen?

I love drowing sketches with the oekaki programs, and these two guyz love each other.
Come on, it is so evident...

Ryu and Ken's hard training I
I think there is no top or botton in this couple.
I just have the feeling that hey just decide every day.
Maybe the one who wins in the fight...

One of my useless daily sketch.
He is naked because he is washing his clothes at the river... Probably.