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Sep 14, 2010

Thor and Wolverine

I have seen some pics of the Thor movie, so I decided to make another pic of the Thunder God.
I have not drawn Wolverine for some time also, so I put them together and I drew him with the orange-brown costume.
It looks like Logan is enjoing the conversation.

Since Logan is known to be a shorty while Thor is close to be a giant, to be precise with the sizes, I checked the stats given by Marvel.
Thor is said to be 6'6" (1.98 m) tall for 640 lb (290 kg), while Wolverine is tall 5´3´´ (1. 60 m) and without adamantium weights 195 lbs (88 kg).

Going on.
I am also working on a commission, that is whay I am slow :)

First pass of flat colours


Sep 4, 2010

Power of the Barbarians

Oss people! Long time no see :)
I am not dead, I just wanted to spend some time doing mainstream stuff.
I hope to be forgiven for the long absence with this pic I drew yesterdey night...
Slaine and Conan fucking rock. We need more pic of them people.
They are for sure my favourited barbarian characters.
This is also a way to celebrate the 40.000 pw in the world map below. Thanks people!

I always wanted to draw at least one of them, but I never had the occasion.
Now I had one night of time and I thought, why don't I draw them together? Nobody did it before
I also added He Man, because I thought it fitted well the group.
I am ok with the result (I tried to get close to the Conan of the old comics, the one I like most).

I hope you like this pic people.

Loincloth version.