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Aug 12, 2009


I've got some pics of Vegeta, and only a few aketch of Goku. But that should work for a post :)

The saiyan prince wants to FUCK!
Come on, I'm sure he did things like this to his guards when he was still the sayan prince, all proud and arrogant. :XD:You won't defeat me this time Kakarot! (LINEART)

Even if I don't like DB so much, I think that Vegeta is a badass character. He is one of those eternally frustrated guys that will never win the protagonist in a fight (let's see, there are also Renji and Grimmjow from Bleach and many others).
This time he is sure he can win Songoku in one specific kind of contest :XD:...
Well, Vegeta, you can never be really sure...

There is also another slightly different version of this image. I didn't post it on Y!Gallery because I'm not sure if it is possible to post 2 pics that are nearly identical, and I already had problems. So here it is:


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