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May 17, 2010

Dimata and Smilo

A Commission I drew for Dinosaur Prince long ago and finally I had the time to paint also in a proper way. Dimata (the mammoth-man) and Smilo (the Sabertooth-man) as pirates, ready for an adventure on the sea. He asked me to draw Dimata standing with one foot on a open treasure chest, with a sword in one hand. He would wear pants (or not,) and have on a Pirates hat with an elephant skull and cross tusks. Smilo should hang on the mast either looking out, or looking down at Dimata. He would be wearing a white shirt with his chest exposed and have a belt with a huge buckle above his waist. He should not have any pants on, maybe some boots, or bare foot."
I don't use this style very often. I prefer less shading (like in the Hulk pic), but I felt I really had to draw a good pic to Dinosaur Prince as he was the first one to commission me and he had so much patience.
I Hope you like the pic people!