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May 17, 2010

Dimata and Smilo

A Commission I drew for Dinosaur Prince long ago and finally I had the time to paint also in a proper way. Dimata (the mammoth-man) and Smilo (the Sabertooth-man) as pirates, ready for an adventure on the sea. He asked me to draw Dimata standing with one foot on a open treasure chest, with a sword in one hand. He would wear pants (or not,) and have on a Pirates hat with an elephant skull and cross tusks. Smilo should hang on the mast either looking out, or looking down at Dimata. He would be wearing a white shirt with his chest exposed and have a belt with a huge buckle above his waist. He should not have any pants on, maybe some boots, or bare foot."
I don't use this style very often. I prefer less shading (like in the Hulk pic), but I felt I really had to draw a good pic to Dinosaur Prince as he was the first one to commission me and he had so much patience.
I Hope you like the pic people!


  1. awesome work, especially for all the details on the boat. and of course the guys are very well done...

  2. Wow, that's epic impressiveness... :)

  3. That is soo....amazing...i can stare at the image for hours and hours and find new details...

  4. It look unbelivably amazing! The detail is just incredible! Awesome work! Love it!

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