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Jan 13, 2010

WIP: Yo Joe! (lineart)

This is the inked lineart for the G.I. Joe commission I´m working at. The commissioner specifically asked me to draw a slightly different version of two official posters of Duke and Snake Eyes and put them together in a single pic.
As I said in the previously when I´ve uploaded the sketch
I post this pic only in my blog for now, and not in my Y!Gallery page, like I usually do, because of rule 6f in the term of service of Y!Gallery about photo references.


  1. Heh, I love that their getting off has nothing to do with sexual interaction/stimulation. It looks like they're getting off on the action/their own acts of violence, heh. Which, sure, I suppose could be a kind of sexual stimuli for some, hee hee. They're firing two guns at once.

    And my god, but Ray Park is hot (guy who played Snake Eyes, not that you get to see him unmasked in the film). Channing Tatum too (Duke).