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Dec 30, 2010

Hot Steel

Last picture seems to have a lot of sucess in USA Est Coast :) So, Yay for USA!

Today I was in the mood for another quick skech of Logan and Colossus, so I made another pic of them. It is less refined than the last one but come on, the idea is there. The setting is loosely ispired by a pic from Ultimate X-Men where the two of them are in the shower together, but the characters came out more like their mainstream versions, mainly because I gave Colossus's metal stirpes and Logan is short and stocky (seriously, I laugh my ass off every time I draw him that way).

Well, enjoy it people.


  1. Magnificent - I love the contrast!

  2. Congrats on all those hits!!!!!
    Your last picture was amazingly hawt (i yet need to fav it on Y!) and this one is pretty awesome as well. I am glad you respect theyr size difference even if is not as refined as the last one

  3. Hey , Nice art. I like the spontaneity in the lines, those guys are hot! Feel free to have a look at my blog :