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Jul 8, 2011

Herc's new training program

And I said I would have never made a comic.
And then I shamefully lost a big bet with a friend of mine.
And then I had to make a comic.
And the comic had to be based on this picture of mine and my friend's story.

That's it.
Enjoy it people , (because I will make no more :XD:).

Dams, Herc must be one of the hardest Disney characters to draw ever. It took me ages to get something remotely similar to him.
By the way...since I am laaazy (and it was not required) I did not colour it and I do not plan to do it, at least for now. Feel free to do it for me if you want. Just drop me a line in a comment before :)

Jul 6, 2011

Thanks for the love

Oss. Thanks to all of you for the love and the support.
Here is my fourfold way to say you how much I appreciate it.
Do you remember the famous cover of XMen featuring Colossus and Kitty Pride? (I mean this one.)
Weeell, I decided to be a little desecrating. Lol, I hope I am not too blasphemous, I do not want to offand anyone :lol:.
For what concerns the size difference, Logan is said to be 5'3'' (1.6m) tall while Colossus in metal form is 7'5''(2.2 m). That is quite a measeure, isn't it?.
BTW, When I made my first Thanks for the 2k pw, sombody wrote me that he liked the style of the low pixel drawing I used to made.
I decided to use this style again, just for this one pic. :wink: What do you think, do you like it?

Jul 2, 2011

Midnight Man

My entry for Iceman contest related to his OC MidnightMan.
Looked like a nice challenge so I made a try.

Feb 21, 2011

Thunders and Claws (coloured)

I went on with the pic!
I think I'll let it like this
I decided to continue it today and bring it as far as I could in two or three hours. It was time to do it. BG is, as always, horrible, but, hey, I spend 20 minutes on it, so I guess it is ok. Hopefully people's gaze should not focus on the rocks behind :smug:
The picture is left without words on purpose.
I'll let you imagine what they are saying to each other. Write it in the comments if you like. It is fun. And if somebody finds out a really great line, I might inesrt it in the pic :XD:
As a last thing, I dedicate this pic to the great Jockman87. Man, your pics are a blast, so, draw more Thor and X-Men.

Dec 30, 2010

Hot Steel

Last picture seems to have a lot of sucess in USA Est Coast :) So, Yay for USA!

Today I was in the mood for another quick skech of Logan and Colossus, so I made another pic of them. It is less refined than the last one but come on, the idea is there. The setting is loosely ispired by a pic from Ultimate X-Men where the two of them are in the shower together, but the characters came out more like their mainstream versions, mainly because I gave Colossus's metal stirpes and Logan is short and stocky (seriously, I laugh my ass off every time I draw him that way).

Well, enjoy it people.

Dec 29, 2010

Pumping Iron

RAWR! THANKS FOR THE 240.000 PW, PEOPLE:) (60.000 since I uploaded the world map)
It is great, really, great to see how many people come to see this blog. It amuses me watching the map and seeing that there are visitors from all part of the world, from California to the UK to Australia. Wow... just Wow :)
Well, to say thanks, here is a quick and dirty one (Colossus's anatomy is kind of a mess, I know, but I am working on other commission and stuff, so that means no time for other things).
There are 2 similar pic.
This is the one I prefer

While this is the one I posted on Y!Gallery

Sep 14, 2010

Thor and Wolverine

I have seen some pics of the Thor movie, so I decided to make another pic of the Thunder God.
I have not drawn Wolverine for some time also, so I put them together and I drew him with the orange-brown costume.
It looks like Logan is enjoing the conversation.

Since Logan is known to be a shorty while Thor is close to be a giant, to be precise with the sizes, I checked the stats given by Marvel.
Thor is said to be 6'6" (1.98 m) tall for 640 lb (290 kg), while Wolverine is tall 5´3´´ (1. 60 m) and without adamantium weights 195 lbs (88 kg).

Going on.
I am also working on a commission, that is whay I am slow :)

First pass of flat colours