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Jul 8, 2011

Herc's new training program

And I said I would have never made a comic.
And then I shamefully lost a big bet with a friend of mine.
And then I had to make a comic.
And the comic had to be based on this picture of mine and my friend's story.

That's it.
Enjoy it people , (because I will make no more :XD:).

Dams, Herc must be one of the hardest Disney characters to draw ever. It took me ages to get something remotely similar to him.
By the way...since I am laaazy (and it was not required) I did not colour it and I do not plan to do it, at least for now. Feel free to do it for me if you want. Just drop me a line in a comment before :)


  1. The facial expressions are awesome and perfect.

    I love it! :D

  2. You should make more comics!!! A full length one at that!

  3. I agree with dynamobull. Make a full length!

  4. Where are you?

    This draw is fenomenal, i hope you continue!

  5. AWESOME! It must be fate 'cause I'm planning on doing pretty much those exact same things myself, on a picnic table at a public park in Berkeley,Ca. Starting in about 10 minutes from now, or, just as soon as I can park this bigrig I'm driving & extract my already hard and naked self out of this truck...

  6. Its a shame you dont make comics because you are a master at it , that dialog turn me on, good, Your artwork is amazing , I admire you so much. be blessed, be proud, thank you for your service to the world !